Marina del Pilar announces date when construction of road node “El Gallo” in Ensenada will conclude

“We are building more and better projects for Ensenada and Baja California, this is the first of many,” said Marina del Pilar

Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar visited one of the projects that is about to conclude in Ensenada, road node El Gallo. This project will help people’s mobility, since it is located in one of the busiest areas of the municipality. During her tour, she committed to finish this project by October 30.

During her tour, Marina del Pilar was accompanied by Subsecretary of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territory Redesign, Porfirio Vargas Santiago who stated that since the opening of the Reforma axis last July 30, traffic in the city has streamlined considerably.

On the other hand, he stated that the project contemplates important complementary projects regarding hydraulic and electric matters, in order to integrate all aspects that create a greater functionality for this road distributor, without affecting Ensenada’s hydraulic system and giving it enough electricity for street lighting.

Ávila Olmeda highlighted the innovation of this integration traffic system for more than 50,000 vehicles who travel daily through this road, as well as the inclusion of sanitized water pipes and the installation of 300 meters of underground electric cable lines.

SIDURT personnel explained to the governor and society at large that the road node comprises three lanes in the direction of the Reforma axis, two lanes and a hard shoulder in the direction of the Esmeralda axis, and a discretional movement lane on the intermediate axis.

“We are working for more and better projects for Ensenada and Baja California. This is the first of many. I want to tell you that you’ve had a lot of patience, now we are asking for your trust. We are going to do everything so we can take a deep breath, just like the name of our RESPIRA program indicates. Less traffic. More life,” the governor concluded.

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