Discover an explosion of flavors at Lazzo de Tinto in Rosarito: Baja Window to the South

Chef Mario Medina visited one of his great friends, Chef Richard Chiñas of Restaurant Lazzo de Tinto in Rosarito

Baja Window to the South released its latest episode with new host Denitza García who had a chance to interview the Secretary of Tourism of Yucatán, Michelle Fridman who was recently in Tijuana for the 365 sabores de Yucatán (365 flavors of Yucatán) project. This event has as a goal to invite Californians and Baja Californians to learn more about this southern Mexican state.

“We have Mayan ruins, cenotes, colonial cities, and extraordinary flavors,” the Secretary stated who also said that she was happy in being able to showcase everything beautiful that Yucatán has to local and international tourists. At this event, Chef Rosalía Chay was present and she spoke about Yucatán’s delicious food: “Gastronomic marathon in Tijuana! Thank you for letting me talk about Yucatán!” she said on her social media pages.

Chef Rosalia Chay Facebook
Chef Rosalia Chay Facebook

However, this was not the only thing that occurred in this episode. Denitza also toured Immunity Therapy Center, and its modern facilities that show a hospital dedicated to alternative therapies for people who have been diagnosed with cancer or immunity issues. .

Danitza toured this facility alongside Immunity Therapy Center doctor and founder, Carlos Bautista: “Here we want to give patients the feeling that this is a warm place, that we care about them, which is why they see encouraging phrases all over,” he stated.

Doctor Bautista’s dream started when he saw the terrible consequences that chemotherapy and radiation caused in his own father which is why, after years of study, effort, dedication, and experience, he opened this medical facility that has been visited by people from all over the world.

In addition, Denitza and Olga had the chance to speak with Michelle Iverson who was recently named UN Peace Ambassador. Iverson spoke about the wonderful work that she has carried out to promote peace and help the most vulnerable, including women who have been victims of domestic violence, homeless, jailed, and deported.

“We have to go to Mexico because we have to be in the border, since it is the best place to receive donations from California and help those who need it,” her father said when they decided to move to Tijuana. “He took the map and pointed to place and said this is the place… and it was Tijuana,” the ambassador shared, who concluded by saying they had opened an orphanage between Tijuana and Rosarito.

In addition, Chef Mario Medina visited one of his great friends: Chef Richard Chiñas of Restaurant Lazzo de Tinto in Rosarito , who gained experience in Mexico City and Cancun and brought it to Baja. “We have a gastronomic experience that is different from what’s here locally,” Chef Chiñas said.

He also claimed that his gastronomic proposal has caught people’s attention because of the decoration, presentation, and combinations that may be out of the ordinary, but when tasted, are an explosion of flavors. To showcase this, he made for the cameras an avocado toast with steak slices with quail eggs.

Lazzo de Tinto Facebook
Lazzo de Tinto Facebook

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