Movie starring Gael García acknowledges Tacos Salseados in Tijuana are the best

This idea was depicted in the movie “Me estás matando Susana” starring Gael García Bernal

Today is Tijuana’s anniversary and one of the most distinguishable things about this unparalleled border city is undoubtedly its tacos. Although some are still unable to come to terms with it, this municipality at the edge of Latin America has the best tacos in the world.

This idea was even depicted in a movie starring Gael García Bernal, “Me estás matando Susana” (You’re Killing Me Susana) which premiered in 2016, based on the novel by Jose Agustín, “Ciudades Desiertas”. The Mexican actor claims one thing: the best saucy tacos are in Tijuana.

“In Tijuana there is this place that has the best tacos, it is called Tacos Salseados and it is in Ermita Street, do you remember that? Yes, this is the best taco in the world,” the actor says in the movie as he speaks with an American that will visit Tijuana soon.

Me estás matando Susana
Me estás matando Susana

And though this dialogue is fictional, the fact is that this place exists and it is well known, and there are actually people who do think they are the best tacos in the world.

These tacos are located at Calzada Ermita Norte 30 Local A 22105 in Tijuana and have a wide variety of choices, from meat to seafood. Try them out and then you can confirm whether Gael García is right or not!

Me estás matando Susana
Me estás matando Susana

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