Kumiai themed restaurant Ojá is inaugurated in Valle de Guadalupe

The place was built by Kumiai craftsmen and it is nature themed

Photo by: Jag Durán

A unique restaurant has just been inaugurated in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada. It is a place called “Ojá”, which belongs to “La Justina” group.

Initially started just for brunch, the restaurant has extended its hours and opens every day from 10 AM to 10 PM offering Mediterranean food based on French gastronomy[b], without losing the fusion and [b]influence of Mexican ingredients.

With a theme alluding to nature, the place transports clients to an experience many have described as a kind of safari. After leaving their vehicles at the entrance, people are received by hosts whose clothes can remind someone of British explorers in Africa.

Immediately after going through its beautiful lobby, one goes back outside where one can see three zebras to their left: Justina, Faustina, and Martín welcoming everyone. These animals have the necessary SEMARNAT permits and come from outdoor facilities in Puebla.

The idea of including animals into this concept came from an idea where investors brought a donkey-zebra to “La Justina” in Avenida Revolución, which is why they decided to make it a reality with zebras.

In an interview for San Diego Red, one of the owners Javier Caro Calderón, said that the project will include 8 rooms and 2 villas, whose construction will begin in August so that it can open to the public in early 2023.

At the opening event for Family & Friends, close friends attended as well as José de Jesús Quiñones Ramírez, Subsecretary of Tourism in the state, and Mónica Vega Aguirre, Environmental and Sustainable Development Secretary.

Committed with taking care of the environment and the ecosystem, “Ojá” was built without knocking down a single tree.. In the land, 58 olive trees[b] have been planted as well as [b]83 carob trees, whose age is over 80 years old. A scent of lavender and rosemary can be perceived in every corner.

Something interesting to note is that “Ojá” means “stone” in Kumiai[/b] and it was precisely this community from San Antonio Necua who performed a ceremonial ritual to bless the restaurant.

Javier Caro emphasized how it was to work with them.

Kumiai people have come to help with construction, so we have been involved with them since this work began. We feel very lucky of being able to meet eye to eye and work with them.

Investors Emmanuel Quezada Paz, Roberto Gamboa, and Javier Caro cut the ribbon at the entrance of restaurant “Ojá” next to their families, marking the beginning of this promising project.

To find out more about their menu, click here.

Watch a video of this event down below:


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