Welcome to BUCAFEST: the first cabaret and burlesque festival in Tijuana

The festival will have workshops, academic activities, shows, and a lot of surprises

Photo by: Brayan Romero Aguilar

BUCAFEST is the first burlesque and cabaret festival in Tijuana which will have the MAJESTIC theater facilities as a venue from June 24th to June 30th, thanks to the participation of women willing to promote and change the perspective that people have about night art.

Brayan Romero Aguilar
Brayan Romero Aguilar

This is a festival that creates a nationwide collaboration to bring spaces to local and national artists regarding the artistic expression of cabaret and burlesque, while also helping to promote female empowerment of women and the LGBT community.

The event will be carried out in collaboration with “MAJESTIC Theater”, a place that welcomes all local and foreign talent as well as any artist that wants to develop their skills and Di Notte Nel Cabaret company, an association focused on visual and stage production.

This festival will last a week full of academic activities such as 6 workshops taught by teachers from the state of Mexico and local teachers, shows, and burlesque activities, especially on Saturday, June 25th, and lots of surprises!

Brayan Romero Aguilar
Brayan Romero Aguilar

"You can come here to all workshops, and all the shows that we have. We have an incredible lineup, guests, and teachers that you must experience yourself. Welcome to all women, this is your home. Make this a great festival," said Ivette Abby, Director of Majestic Theater.

You can enroll in workshops, have questions answered, and pay for workshops by sending a message to their official Instagram page ‘’. Currently, there are scholarships and promotions. Teatro MAJESTIC is located at Av. Salvador Novo 1020, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C.

Brayan Romero Aguilar
Brayan Romero Aguilar

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