An international craft beer festival will take place in Tijuana this upcoming June: Baja Window to the South

Find out all the details about this event showcasing Baja Californian talent

Photo by: Telefónica Gastro Park

Festivals in Baja California are a good reason to celebrate due to the combination of different companies and local shops that join forces so as to give the attendants a great time. When these events are international, it becomes more about just a union of cultures, but an opportunity to reveal and discover the greatest attributes of our state.

To talk about this, Enrique “Ejival” Jiménez was present in Baja Window to the South. He is one of the directors of Telefónica Gastro Park, a music lover, and brewer of the Lírica craft beer made in this famous gastronomic park. Ejival is also one of the organizers of Tijuana International Beer Festival. This upcoming event will take place on June 11 and June 12 at the Estadio Caliente parking lot.

This festival will have Baja Californian and San Diegan breweries with some joining forces and getting together for the first time. Ejival claimed that this event was a great opportunity to meet, talk, and drink beer.

This great celebration will be filled with music, beer, and gastronomy both from Baja California and San Diego, with all the cool names of San Diego's brewery industry. It will be a true cross-border event which will show the support, influence, and help that San Diego’s craft beer breweries have given to Baja California.

Ejival, Scott Koenig, and Olga Sánchez de la Vega all agreed that craft beer has become a part of the region’s gastronomic culture. All people and American tourists are invited to attend Tijuana International Beer Festival to enjoy some great food and beer!

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