Tijuana Airport will open biggest CBX terminal in early summer: Baja Window to the South

They also spoke about the XXII Edition of Festival Conchas y Vino Nuevo

In the fifth episode of Baja Window to the South, hosts Olga Sánchez de la Vega and Scott Koenig, presented the Baja Do’s & Don’ts section where they recommend what to do and what not to do when visiting the state. What one should do is definitely visit Tijuana and especially many of its culinary collectives, food truck courts, and food offers spread all over the city since there are options for all tastes. What one shouldn’t do is to forget to declare cash, checks, money orders, and any kind of document that is valued above $10,000 dollars, since, if one doesn’t declare them, you can end up with pretty high fines and even imprisonment.

The first guest of this episode was Engineer Eduardo González, Director of Tijuana’s International Airport, who explained the benefits that the CBX port of entry will have for those who travel from San Diego into Mexico. One of its main benefits is that, from their location, one can travel to the 35 most important airports of the country from Mexico and not the US which means that the ticket prices will be much cheaper.

Engineer González stated that the airport’s most recent project is a new terminal which will focus mainly on travelers going to and from San Diego. It will be 45,000 square meters in size, which is double the size of the current terminal. It will have 36 counters for passengers with luggage, so that they can be taken to San Diego. It is expected that the terminal is finished and begins operations by early summer.

In the “Tacos With Muchachos” segment, Scott Koenig and his guest, Tony Tee, went to Las Ahumaderas, an alley of different taquerias all in the same place, which are quite famous in Tijuana for being open 24/7. In the taqueria “Tacos El Paisa” they tried a “vampiro”, a taco with a tostada-like tortilla (deep-fried and crunchy) with cheese as well as the “samurai”, a taco that mixes carne asada (grilled meat) with chorizo.

The second guest was Kris Magnussen of Vinos Lechuza, a wine cave in Valle de Guadalupe that opened in 2015 whose wines can be found in The French Laundry, a Michelin 3-star California restaurant.

With Magnussen they spoke about the XXII Festival Conchas y Vino Nuevo (Seafood and New Wine Festival), where the region's wineries have an opportunity to showcase their new wines to visitors and the population at large, while enjoying several different prepared dishes with local seafood. Through different dynamics and cooperation, producers, renowned chefs, and wineries get together to create unique experiences for whoever decides to attend this festival.

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