Baja Window to the South: 85% of Mexican wine production happens in Baja California

An expert sommelier was the guest this time

Photo by: Kelsey Knight and Gustavo Espinosa on Unsplash

Marco Amador, one of the most renowned wine personalities of Baja California, a sommelier at L.A. Cetto in Valle de Guadalupe, is currently the owner of La Botella Wine Bar in The Park, where one can find a variety of wines from the valley and even other parts of Mexico. He was interviewed to talk about the different wonders and the importance of the wine industry in the state.

Amador stated that there are more than 100 grapes in Baja California which are used to create different kinds of wine. There are around 200 wineries in the state and 85% of wine production in Mexico occurs in Baja California, demonstrating the important presence that this industry has in this territory, which has been granted different awards worldwide.

An interesting and important fact is that in Mexico there are no regulations or specifications about wine production, which means that industries are able to make wines however they want by mixing different types of grapes and other ingredients, creating wines that are not obtainable anywhere else in the world. For example, a Corona del Valle wine mixed Tempranillo and Nebbiolo grapes, that belong to Spain and Italy respectively, creating an amazing combination.

One of the wonders of Baja California and Valle de Guadalupe is that it has the perfect combination of great wine with great food, which makes it one of the most popular places in the world for tourists who travel to experience this firsthand. Amador recommends visiting three to four wineries to have a relaxed tour where one can enjoy 100% both wine and food, as well as the scenery.

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