CONALEP students and personnel are trained on health topics in Baja California

They received guidance about birth control, violence in relationships, good nutrition, among other things.

On Thursday, CONALEP BC (Professional Education Technical College of Baja California) students, teachers, and clerks at Mexicali II School Facilities had their First Health Fair, which took place at the school grounds.

State Director, Irma Martínez Manríquez, stated that 1,139 students from the four CONALEP careers from the Mexicali II facilities, teachers, and clerks were invited to attend the modules. Here they received verbal and written guidance about several health topics such as the different birth control methods, violence in relationships, good nutrition, and personal hygiene.

Martínez Manríquez said that it is important to take care of the safety and health of the academic community, parents, and all the people that visit CONALEP facilities in Baja California.

4 modules were set up in the school grounds where the Secretariat of Health, the Institute of Public Health Services, the Jurisdiction of Health Services in Mexicali, the Guajardo Health Center, and INMUJER all participated.

Moreover, two conferences and health training by the medical staff of the Secretariat of Health took place where they talked about birth control methods.

The school’s principal, José Luis Ceceña Guerrero, for his part, thanked all the participants in the health sector area and INMUJER and the support they gave students. He stated that he hopes that this type of activities continue and develop regularly since, that way, we will have young people better prepared regarding health matters.

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