San Ysidro’s popular Burger King closes permanently

Many things have changed due to the pandemic, and Burger King San Ysidro is one of them

San Ysidro’s Burger King was one of the most popular and frequented places for those who cross the border. However, we regret to inform you, that this fast-food restaurant has closed permanently, as one of the many casualties of this pandemic.

Though this place had a Facebook page, there was no announcement of it closing in 2022. This could be because, unlike its competitors like McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr., their meals have not been keeping up with modern times.

Ariday Ortega
Ariday Ortega
Ariday Ortega
Ariday Ortega

In 2019, Burger King introduced to the market its new Impossible Whopper under the slogan “100% Whopper, 0% Meat”. This plant-based grilled burger with tomatoes, fresh lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, and onion, however, was not enough to spice things up.

In fact, the demand for healthier products has forced fast-food restaurants to adapt and create healthier alternatives or versions of their established products in order to satisfy consumers.

Currently there are still 21 Burger Kings in San Diego. The closest to the border are now located at 1180 Palm Ave, Imperial Beach, CA 91932 and at Chula Vista Center.

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