Myshuy's enormous tacos in Tijuana fail the tortilla test

Before our host could finish his taco, the tortilla broke

Chef Danny Betancourt visited Tacos Myshuy's on Calle 2, Esq. Av. Venecia in Villa Fontana in this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana. On this occasion, two tacos were tried, one with weathered shrimp for 25 pesos ($ 1.25 dollars) and one of enchilado shrimp for 55 pesos (1.25 dollars) (2.75 dollars).

Enchilada de Shrimp Taco
The first tacos delivered to our host were the spicy shrimp, cheese, pico de gallo, cream, salsa, cabbage, and a double white corn tortilla. The first thing Danny mentioned was the taco's massive size, which practically filled the entire plate; when he tasted it, he characterized the mild yet spicy flavor of the shrimp sauce.

The tortilla entirely crumpled before our host could finish it, but he informed us that this is the essence of the taco and that it must bear both the weight and the dampness of its components. This cue received a score of 7.2.

The cost is 55 pesos (2.75 dollars)

Taco with Weathered Shrimp
This taco's tortillas are more golden brown than the previous one, and Danny demonstrated that they could handle the weight of the contents, which include weathered shrimp, pico de gallo, cream, cabbage, and chile de arbol sauce with tomato, by lifting it.
When he tasted it, he said the sauce was just right since it wasn't too spicy and that the cabbage leaf offered a nice bit of freshness, especially when it's a protein that's been fried, but that the bottom of this one was a little scorched. This cue received a score of 7.0.

Price: $1.25 pesos ($25 pesos)

If you're interested in learning more about Tacos Myshuys, go to their Facebook page by clicking here.

Si deseas conocer más sobre Tacos Myshuys´s visita su cuenta de Facebook dando click aquí.

Although Tacos Myshuy's is not listed on Google Maps, we have provided their location here.

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