Municipal Administration of Tijuana will hand over the keys of the city to Javier Bátiz

This Tijuana native musician has placed the city's name in high places throughout his professional career

The 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana will publicly honor guitar player and musician Javier Bátiz with the delivery of the keys of the city due to his career and his contributions to music, which have placed the municipality's name in high places.

In an extraordinary session of the administration, mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez submitted a proposal to be considered by officials to deliver this recognition to citizen Javier Issac Medina Núñez, better known as Javier Bátiz, pioneer of the rock and roll genre in Mexico during the 1960s.

Born on June 3, 1944, the musician is internationally known for having been the mentor of great artists such as Carlos Santana and Alex Lora, leader of Mexican band El Tri.

When speaking about the reason for this honor, it was said that it is very important to recognize Tijuana natives that have stood out and that are national and internationally renowned.

Regarding the case of Javier Bátiz, "He has, for more than 60 years of his long career, contributed not only as a guitar player and founder of the Tijuana rock movement in the 1960s, but also has modernized the concept of this music genre in all of Mexico."

Councilor Marisol Hernández, promoter of this initiative, praised that this proposal was unanimously approved by the administration and wished for the musician's speedy recovery, as he will soon receive the highest honor given by the city.

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