Tijuana-Tecate interurban train will have an investment of 3,500 million pesos

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022

Photo by: Gobierno de Baja California

The Tijuana-Tecate intercity train will be one of the most ambitious projects in the region and will benefit thousands of users by improving mobility, which is one of the most important aspects nowadays.

BCE Express, the company in charge of the construction, informed that it will allocate 3.5 million pesos to the intercity train.

The administration director of BCE Express, Guillermo Rebollado, indicated that the project will generate 200 direct jobs and 3,000 indirect jobs.

Karen Postlethwaite Montijo, Secretary of Infrastructure, Urban Development and Territorial Reorganization (SIDURT) of the State Government, mentioned that by taking advantage of the infrastructure of the Tijuana-Tecate short route, it is planned to improve mobility, travel times and safety, as well as reduce environmental pollution and the use of automobiles.

The first phase of the interurban train will consist of 27.41 kilometers with 7 stations and two terminals, in a 45-minute route that will go from the San Ysidro border crossing to Ejido Maclovio Rojas. The stations contemplated are: Padre Kino, Américas Oriente/Xolos, 5 and 10, Swap Meet Siglo XXI, García, Terán Terán and Bulevar 2000.

It is estimated that the interurban train will transport about 40 thousand people per day.

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