La Bufadora in Ensenada will be renovated; they will invest in improving its image

They are reviewing some projects that will improve the image of the tourist center

Photo by: Ensenada Travel

According to what was informed this Wednesday by the municipal president of Ensenada, Armando Ayala Robles, initiatives will be sought to improve the image of the tourist sector in Ensenada, which includes the attraction La Bufadora, located in the Maneadero delegation.

For this, they will be supported by some projects elaborated by architecture students at the Xochicalco University, as informed in a press release by Joaquín Bolio Pérez, head of the La Bufadora Trust.

This project will have the purpose of attracting visitors by means of a more inviting space: "This type of projects would lead to a dignification of this well-known place, besides that we would talk with investors and socialize the project", shared Ayala Robles.

La Bufadora
La Bufadora

The designs created by the students include parking areas, the interior of a kiosk, an exit stairway to appreciate the tourist attraction. The idea of creating an amphitheater for future presentations is also being considered.

In addition to these proposals, the work of cleaning, lighting, maintenance and painting of the place will continue, as well as the attention provided by the Security Tables and the inspection requests that are currently in charge of the National Guard or the municipal police.

La Bufadora
La Bufadora

La Bufadora is an important point of tourist attraction, since it is visited by national and foreign tourists, the general recommendation is to go during winter with high tide to observe the high jets of the season, while the least favorable is to visit it in summer, due to the low tide.

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