AMLO asks vaccine producing countries "not to monopolize"

During his visit to Tijuana, Mexico's president called for solidarity

Photo by: Gobierno de Baja California Facebokk

On Saturday, February 20, the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, visited the city of Tijuana on the occasion of the inauguration of the National Guard facilities in the border city. The moment was used by the president to talk about the vaccines against the coronavirus.

He affirmed that to this day only 80 countries in the world are being vaccinated and that, unfortunately, out of those 80, only 10 are the ones that are monopolizing all the available vaccines, for which he made a request to the countries where the vaccine production plants are located:

He asked the producing plants to act with more solidarity, since, according to the president, the situation cannot go unnoticed and accused countries such as the United States that have hoarded the Pfizer vaccine, because it is produced in their territory.

So far, Mexico has committed 34.4 million Pfizer vaccines, 70.4 million from the British vaccine AstraZeneca, 35 million from CanSino and 24 million from the Sputnik V. Deliveries have been arriving gradually, which poses a delay to the vaccination campaign.

Mexico has a total of 2.03 million people who have tested positive for the coronavirus and a total of 179 thousand unfortunate deaths due to it. It is expected that with the vaccination campaign the number of deaths will be reduced.

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