Find out more about Rosarito's beachfront drive-in

The drive-in cinema can fit approximately 100 vehicles

In the midst of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus crisis, many things have changed around the world, people have not gone to a concert or a movie in months, one of the most popular activities for people.

At the moment it is uncertain when the movie theaters will open in Mexico, so there are people who have chosen to start a drive-in cinema like in the old days, a safe way to enjoy a movie.

DIF Rosarito
DIF Rosarito

Now you can enjoy a drive-in movie at the side of the beach in Rosarito, Baja California, a unique and unmatched experience that will exceed your expectations.

DIF Rosarito
DIF Rosarito

The drive-in cinema can fit approximately 100 vehicles and the price per car is 200 pesos, they will take your temperature for safety at the entrance.

A good way to see a movie is by enjoying delicious food and now you can support the locals by purchasing at a street vendor's stand.

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