Learn what the colors you wear mean!

Each one has a different connotation

Photo by: Tomadas de Internet

Did you know that the colors we use have influence in our emotions and/or mood a lot, that is why it is important to know each one of them and know how they affect us positively or… negatively?

In addition, colors apart from influencing our lives also influence our brand (logo), consumer psychology, among others. To know this important factor, Diariamente Ali shows you the meanings of colors and their influence on people.

Red: Represents strong emotions, increases passion and intensity and symbolizes love. Its meaning in marketer terms is to create a sense of urgency, capture public attention and stimulate appetite.

Yellow: Increases joy, stimulates the nervous system and encourages communication. Its meaning in marketing is to represent optimism, clarity and use of offers.

Blue: is associated with peace; it stimulates calm and creation of security. Its meaning marketing meaning is productivity increase, builds confidence towards a brand and is ideal for use in a work meeting.

Reflects enthusiasm, shows clarity and warns caution. In marketing it promotes food products, makes a product seem accessible and represents a friendly brand.

Green: It is the color of nature par excellence, symbolizes money and helps relieve depression. Its marketing meaning is used to promote relaxation, is associated with health and symbolizes fertility.

Purple: Represents sophistication and elegance, influences spirituality and is associated with comfort. marketing is often used in the packaging of rejuvenating products, encourages calm and represents creativity and imagination.



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