6 benefits of the drink Kombucha

100% natural drink

Photo by: Imagen de LyraSid en Pixabay

Have you ever heard about the drink Kombucha? If not, now you do and you would not believe its amazing health benefits. Kombucha is a drink that combines tea, sugar, bacteria and yeasts; known in different countries and cultures, whose benefits were initially associated with immortality.

According to the book Kombucha,, the secrets of this fermented probiotic drink of Neil Stevens, its origin comes from China, from the period of the Tsim and Qin Dynasty, when his fear for death made him ask an alchemist to create a drink to lengthen his life.

Some of the characteristics of the drink is that its flavor is between sweet and vinegar acid, while its smell is strong and penetrating, these two aspects can vary according to the fermentation time it has.

If you are not still convinced to try this drink, here are some benefits.

  • It reduces inflammation, improving digestive functioning.
  • Fights fungal infections.
  • Eliminates toxins and liquid substances lodged in the body.
  • It favors the detoxification and purification of important organs such as the liver and kidneys.
  • Its high level of antioxidants helps you lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • It regulates and reduces blood glucose levels.



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