Brujas Belgian Pale Ale the new great craft-beer from the region!

This is the collaboration of Coralillo Brewing Co. and NuCali from Mexicali

Mexicali maintains its firm step in the local and the national brewery world, with very interesting proposals at the Asociación de Micro Cerveceros de Mexicali, where it is highlighted that the union and group work strengthens the local market.

For this season, Coralillo Brewing Co and NuCali made a Belgian style Pale Ale, a creation that aims to conquer any palate. The collaboration between these breweries from Mexicali was made possible from the draw carried out by the Asociación de Micro Cerveceros de Mexicali, in order to strengthen its new brand Chicali Brewers.

José Melquiades García, a brewer of Coralillo Brewing Co. - an institution in the craft beer industry of Mexico - was in charge of leading, along with NuCali brewery, this Belgian recipe beer, which is why it was named in honor of the Historic Belgian city of Brujas.

The Belgian Pale Ale style is a common beer in the Flemish province of Antwerp and the Brabant region, this last one is a region shared between Belgium and the Netherlands. It is usually considered a practical beer, usually drank while eating, therefore it is characterized for its balance and good taste.

The Brujas Belgian Pale Ale is a combination of fruity and malt flavors; this characteristic is what make it unique in comparison to Pale Ales cooked with American brewer’s yeast. In its aroma predominates malt and walnut, with a touch of caramel, and orange. The intensity of hops is low to moderate, with a coppery amber appearance. It is creamy and foamy.

Quite great quantity of the production was canned and presented to the public with an attractive label highlighting the typical mills of the Belgian region. In addition, Brujas Belgian Pale Ale was chosen to participate in the maximum beer contest, Cerveza México, to be held from October 25 to 27 in Mexico City; so, we will have to wait if this beer returns awarded and ready to rock back in Baja California.


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