Happy couples don’t share their relationship on social media networks

They do not care about third party opinions

Everything we see on social media networks is not always true. Each person is responsible for their content and uploads what they want others to see. Therefore, a study says that happy couples do not share their relationship on social networks.

Measuring the type of relationship that couples have for what we see on Facebook is unreliable. Most happy couples do not share since they spend their time on more important things than seeking the opinion or approval of others.

The study analyzed how people perceive loving couples according to the number of posts, the number and type of photos shared. Even if they say they are in a relationship or not for others to see.

A certain number of people and couples were surveyed about the time they dedicate to social media networks and the content they upload to it regarding their life.

It was discovered that people, when they felt insecure about the couple's feelings towards them, was when they posted more on Facebook: they make it visible waiting for responses and reactions from others regarding their feelings.

In fact, the majority of those analyzed did not highlight being very affectionate to share their relationship but those who were rather anxious about it did.

Experts call this condition a contingent relationship of self-esteem, and that is when someone wants to see or wants others to see how great their relationship is.

In the same way there are those who exceed the use of social media you can see the type of distant relationship they present. Experts also say that if you are happy in your relationship, it does not matter what third parties think about it because you are emotionally satisfied and that you upload to the network occasionally.

This indicates that you have a good relationship, communication and are able to fix conflicts in person without relying on criticism.

Definitely, what we see on social media networks is not always the truth.

*Source En Pareja


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