Chicali Brewers is the brand that aims to lead Mexicali´s craft beer to another level

The ‘‘cachanillas’’ are the first to say Cheers!

With the launch of the Chicali Brewers: la mata de la cerveza artesanal, Mexican brewers take a firm step to promote the city as the cradle of the best brewers in Mexico for its quality and unique beer culture in the country.


Mexicali is home to the best beer houses in Mexico, being the city with the winners of “Best Brewery in Mexico” since 2016 at the maximum contest; Expo Cerveza México. This result is thanks to the beer history and culture that few cities have nationwide.

As Javier Sánchez Valenzuela would say, also known as “Sunshine” in the industry, in Mexicali beer is part of the DNA of the ‘‘cachanillas’’. The facts don’t lie. Not only do they have the Asociación de Microcerveceros de Mexicali, one of the most important associations that brings results at the level of regulation and permits that nowadays many brewers follow in their respective state congresses.

The recent launch of the Chicali Brewers: la mata de la cerveza is the consolidation of a vocation that seeks to set a future project for the craft beer of Mexicali. This vision includes strengthening the quality standards that keep Mexican craft beer as one of the best nationally and internationally.

It is an important step that benefits primarily Mexicali, it motivates the craft beer industry by becoming professional and keeps up the great quality. The best outcome is when hotels, restaurants and other businesses can offer craft beer products, so that it would be possible to find some brand of Mexican craft beer in any establishment in the city; then the brand Chicali Brewers will be fulfilling its objective.

Said Javier "Sunshine", who is not only a promoter of craft beer, but also co-founder of El Sume, the first craft beer pub in the capital of Baja California, a place that has served as a platform for many brewers at Mexicali and from all over the state.

Chicali Brewers as a brand enters a stage of promotion at local and regional level, and prepares for its official presentation at this year's Cerveza Mexico contest. After the event, a stage of constant strengthening and diffusion begins so that it can reach more customers, and that when talking about Mexicali, people always thing about the hot climate, Chinese food, and the city with the best craft beer in Mexico.

Here are some facts supporting the Chicali Brewers brand:

  • Cradle of Cervecería Mexicali in 1923, on its best years at the level of Cervecería Modelo and Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma
  • Per capita consumption comparable to Prague
  • The Craft Beer Law was written at Mexicali and took effect nationwide
  • Amante Brewery was the first brewery to receive permission to produce and sell craft beer in Mexico
  • Mexicali is the city with the largest number of taps rooms by different brands
  • Mexicali is home of the Best Breweries in Mexico, with several champions in the Cerveza México contest

The cachanillas are the first to say cheers!



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