Prenatal Yoga Exercise while pregnant

During pregnancy some women begin to question themselves if it is a good idea continuing with exercise. For some time, everyone had the idea expectant mothers shouldn’t exercise or make certain efforts to prevent harm to both her body and the baby.

Prenatal yoga is one of the exercises indicated during pregnancy besides being safe for the mother and the baby it brings a lot of benefits throughout pregnancy and childbirth so no need to stop with exercise while pregnant
We know you might have a lot of questions about this Anissa Ortiz, a yoga instructor answered a lot of questions and told us about the benefits for yoga practice

Suitable for Pregnant Women
It is recommended to all pregnant women, but sometimes there are cases where some mothers did have some kind of discomfort and pain. But we didn’t tell them to stop practicing yoga, instead we would try to figure out where the pain came from and in turn ask if its physical or emotional that later will be detached with gestation it’s a matter of defining your limit and finding your position.

When to start and when to end
You can start practicing Prenatal Yoga after the first trimester if you are a mom that has never done Yoga in the past its advisable to start at moderate pace. Yoga is always practiced without stopping, in order to continue, relax with each breath and above all to do the exercises that your body and hip needs, until you feel comfortable with yourself.

Emotional Yoga
The prenatal yoga classes are very different form general yoga sessions. With moms I like to work in making meditations focused on your body and your internal sexual organs, dedicate a certain time to feel the baby, connect with the placenta and the belly these practices are not carried out in a general session. In those types of sessions positions are facing down and with more force. In the prenatal sessions there is not as much emphasis on the physical as in a general one. In prenatal my priority is for women to connect with their body and the baby.

Differences at time of delivery
There are some differences in the fact that they are completely different women, but that does not lie in whether they practiced yoga or not. You can benefit during your pregnancy, or live it, accept it and take the tools it offers, such as relaxation and meditation but this does not ensure that you will have "the best delivery" or a bad delivery for not practicing yoga.

The result
There are some cases where the mother decided to take certain techniques that were given to her (breathing exercises) throughout the gestation during the yoga classes , and they use them at the time of the contractions. During birth you begin to remember certain things that you experienced during the yoga sessions, in addition to your body it responds better. Everything you do during your pregnancy will help you (dance, walk, etc.) Yoga is also one of them.

Contact Anissa Ortiz for more info on how to take a class for you and your baby.



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