Border Wall in Playas de Tijuana Will Open Again for Family Gatherings

As every year, families separated by the border will have the opportunity to meet

Photo by: Ángel García / SDRed

The wall that divides the Tijuana border with the United States will be opened again, as every year, so that families have a moment of union, all of this on November 18.

The organization Angeles de la Frontera is in charge of managing permits so that the doors that divide both countries are opened for a moment and families can coexist and rediscover themselves.

This month, 12 families will be benefited by the organization to be able to see their relatives, who are generally divided between both countries because they lack the documentation required to cross from Mexico to the United States and vice versa.

In the facilities of Parque de la Amistad, or Binational Playas de Tijuana Park, members of these families will meet for a few minutes in an event that, although it is divided by walls, the union embrace is more valuable than borders.

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