6 Different Ways to Enjoy "Pan de Muerto" This Day of the Dead

Sweet or salty, but always yummy

Photo by: Facebook Chomp Chomp

With the arrival of the month of November, the season begins to feel more like Winter, and with it the smell of coffee predominates and the best dishes of the year come to brighten our tables.

One of the most traditional treat in Mexico during this time is the classic "Pan de Muerto, " (sweet orange bread), baked specially to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Here we leave you a list of the different ways in which you can enjoy this delicacy.

1.- Pan de Muerto Cookie

You can bake them at home as a normal biscuit but with the traditional figure of this bread, you can be as creative as you want and give them a flavor of orange, vanilla, chocolate, etc...

Facebook Chomp Chomp
Facebook Chomp Chomp

2.-Pan de Muerto Donut

This certainly could be one of your favorites because it does not lose the essence of the "Pan de Muerto" bread, the taste and the figures could vary depending on your originality to create one of these at home.

Facebook Catamundi
Facebook Catamundi

3.- Red Velvet

It is not a cupcake or a cake, but a "Pan de Muerto" filled with cream cheese and sprinkled with sugar.

Facebook Magnolia Bakery
Facebook Magnolia Bakery

4.- Cupcake

Facebook Roxy Cupcakes
Facebook Roxy Cupcakes

5.- In a sweet or salty sandwich

You can add cream cheese, butter, eggs, ham, and more.

Chocolate, whip cream, jelly, and other delicious ingredients can make the best filling for a sweet creation.

Chocolate Chip.
Chocolate Chip.

Remember that in Tijuana you can also find the best combinations with this delicious bread for this season.

If you know more options to enjoy "Pan de Muerto," you can share them with us.

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