VIDEO | Taxi Drivers Threaten Uber Driver in Tijuana

Physical confrontations among the old and new ways of transportation have arrived to the city

TIJUANA.- A video posted today on YouTube by a user named tijuangrass shows how two taxi drivers threaten and blocked the way of an Uber driver, who was taking some passengers to their destination.


The incident occurred in front of Plaza Americana, Otay, the user who uploaded the video and appears to be one of the passengers inside the Uber vehicle, describes the confrontation:

"While leaving Plaza Americana (with Uber) we were stopped by to taxi drivers who blocked access with their units, they demanded the driver to let us out of the vehicle claiming that Uber is providing an illegal service."

It was just of matter of time before some sort of physical altercation between Uber and traditional taxi drivers occurred in the region. Over the last few years, the new app-based transit service has become a huge disruptor in public transportation systems and politics worldwide, with traditional taxi unions (and municipal governments slow to update regulations) as Uber's biggest obstacle.

A few weeks ago, Mexico City was the latest battle field between Uber (a service which clearly has a high demand in every country it decides to enter in) and taxi unions, resulting clashes between drivers from both services.

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