Homeless dogs walk for miles from Rosarito to Playas de Tijuana; they are looking for a home

Internet users are asking for help to find them a shelter that can heal them and provide them with a safe home

On social media, several cases of animal abandonment have been posted, however, a recent one that is creating a lot of commotion is the case of Husky dogs that traveled a long way.

Home or shelter being requested for dogs in Playas de Tijuana

On the group "Perritos Playas de Tijuana", a case of 3 Husky dogs was shared. 2 of these dogs (the older ones) walked a long distance, as they had been seen walking at several different spots of the Rosarito Scenic Road and are currently in Playas de Tijuana.

Several people have been doing what they can to help these dogs, from giving them water to feeding them.

Alejandra Huerta
Alejandra Huerta

Currently, another dog of the same race and a brown-colored dog joined them. On social media, people are requesting for a shelter, foster home, or forever home to take care of them, as they have been walking for miles.

Alejandra Huerta
Alejandra Huerta

It should be noted that the reports of Husky dogs being abandoned have been increasing as they are a race that is bred, sold, and adopted mainly for being cute. However, they need a lot of care as they need big spaces to develop correctly as they have a lot of energy.

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