Maggots in Costco! Woman who bought bag of nuts reported that they were infested

The bag had allegedly not expired but it was full of larvae

New edition? A client reported on social media that the Kirkland nuts that she purchased in Costco were infested with maggots. That's why she reported this incident to PROFECO as her video went viral on X.

Costco Wholesale store has caused controversy due to its cakes, pizzas, and now its nuts, and though many would think that this store would be 100% clean, the testimonial of this user, known as “@brendaarr", says the opposite.

"What's up with this?" the woman tweeted, while adding a video where one can see the nuts with small maggots among them. Several users and recurring Costco clients debated what could have happened.

There were some who asked if the expiration date had passed and others claimed that Costco has a 100% warranty, which means that they'll easily change the bag or give you back your money. In addition, there were some detractors who said that the woman was just creating "too much drama".

The only thing that is known is that this bag of nuts was purchased in San Antonio, Texas. So far, it is unknown if the company has apologized or sent a statement about the unfortunate incident this woman went through.

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