Tijuana will be venue of LGBTTTIQA+ Pride March

More than 60,000 people will be part of this march that will end with a concert by the Golden Girl, Paulina Rubio

Recently, it was announced that Tijuana will be the venue of the LGBTTTIQA+ Pride March "Unidos por la Inclusión" on June 29, an event where the participation of 60,000 people from Mexico and the United States is expected.

Mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez underscored that if Tijuana is a reference beyond the state level is because of the professionalism with which they have worked. That's why she said "We are very happy because of these long banners, celebrating this march, the biggest one and first one that I will lead alongside the whole municipal administration. It is not easy to govern a city like Tijuana and we hope that we can continue to speak with the LGBTTTIQA+ community."

The head of the Subdepartment of Diversity and Inclusion, Edoardo Rodríguez Delgado, explained that since 2023, Tijuana has been organizing the State Pride March as all of the state's municipalities will be concentrated in this city. "But also Tijuana will welcome LGBTTTIQA+ committees from the US from New York, California, Washington, Las Vegas, and Mexican cities such as Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City, and Sinaloa."

This celebration will take place on June 29 and it will conclude with a free concert by the first godmother of Tijuana Pride, Paulina Rubio, in a stage set below Arco Monumental in Avenida Revolución at 7 PM.

Rodríguez Delgado claimed that their goal for 2024 is to exceed the 36,000 attendants who came last year as they expect 60,000 people in Downtown Tijuana during the Pride March and Paulina Rubio's concert.

Activities will begin at 2 PM with a popular outdoors celebration and participants will begin the march in Calle Primera and Mutualismo and it will end at Avenida Revolución in Downtown Tijuana.

The government of mayor Montserrat Caballero has set a precedent on diversity and inclusion matters as it is the first Municipal Administration of Tijuana that led activities for pride month for the LGBTTTIQA+ community and that provided priority services for members of this community through the Subdepartment of Diversity and Inclusion because "uniting several different small causes, we achieved great causes", the mayor said.

For the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana it is extremely important to eradicate discrimination and to work responsibly in the search for the respect of human rights, equality, and sexual diversity inclusion, working on this with great commitment.


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