Civil Protection Tijuana shares recommendations to prevent forest fires

The simple act of leaving a piece of glass in the wrong place can cause an uncontrollable fire

The Municipal Administration of Tijuana, through the Municipal Agency of Civil Protection, is touring the city in order to spread preventive measures so that people learn how to decrease the risk of causing fires when visiting isolated or out of town areas with vegetation.

This occurred in several places in the city where informative brochures were given to people as the forest and grassland fire season began on May 1 and will continue until September.

Regarding this, the director of Civil Protection, Miguel Ángel Caballos Ramírez, stated that it is recommended to people who visit wild areas to not leave active campfires, cigarettes, or embers and to intervene or fight against fires on their own.

In addition, he encouraged people not to leave glass fragments, crystals, mirrors, or bottles as they can cause a mirror effect with sunlight and create fires.

It should be noted that from January 1 to April 30, 2024, 89 fires on grasslands in Tijuana were registered with no forest fires recorded. In 2023, 2,535 grassland fires and 204 forest fires were recorded.

In case a forest fire is detected, you can call authorities at 9-1-1 or 800 737 0000 or report it through the Botón de Emergencia mobile app.

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