Exclusive interview: Ismael Burgueño, candidate for the mayor's office of Tijuana, talks about his proposals with Daniel Salinas

The Morena candidate reiterated that Tijuana could become one of the world's best cities

Reporter and writer Daniel Salinas recently interviewed aspiring MORENA candidate for the mayor's office of Tijuana, Ismael Burgueño, for San Diego Red. This conversation addressed issues that ranged from the candidate's personal life to his proposals to improve the city.

The candidate, who worked for 10 years as a teacher in Tijuana, explained that this experience helped him to deeply understand the needs and challenges of the city. With his doctorate in Educational Management and being a member of MORENA since the party's founding, he has defined himself as an "obradorista".

In this interview, the candidate underscored the urgent need for the city to make big decisions and the importance of coordinating with the state government. "The mayor must be a manager, somebody who knocks on doors in the center of the country to get resources," he stated.

One of the main problems in the city that he highlighted was traffic, specifically mentioning potholes and long lines. "A project is urgently needed," he said, emphasizing the need to manage projects that lay the foundations to resolve these issues. "There is a solution for everything, if there is willingness and common sense," he added.

The candidate said that there are already projects that are showing progress promoted by the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar, and said that teamwork is essential for progress. "When an administration doesn't work is because there is no willingness or common sense. One has to be practical and close to the people," he explained. In addition, he said that it is of great importance that a leader works without working hour limitations, because if someone wants to govern Tijuana they must be committed to do it full time.

Regarding taking decisions, he highlighted the need to listen to experts in several issues and problems and to listen to all voices. However, he said that there are a lot of public officials that are not willing to help, which is a significant obstacle.

The candidate also addressed the issue of sports, art, and culture, considering them essential for the complete development of the community. In addition, he shared his commitment with planting thousands of trees and implementing a government with a comprehensive activity.

He also spoke about the border and the need to focus on it, giving its crucial impact on the region. Lastly, he said that it's his intention to have morning press conferences similar to the president, where he will talk about the positive aspects and progress of his administration, reaffirming his commitment with work and transparency.

He added that besides being aware of citizens' needs, he will also go to neighborhoods every day to make sure that projects are being carried out and progress is being reported.

He claimed that he will prioritize issues and problems that have not been solved by previous administrations so that he can resolve them. He will also guarantee the creation of neighborhoods with proper regulations and rules, so that they are built responsibly and he promised that he would resolve traffic and pothole problems in the city.

Ismael highlighted his commitment to guaranteeing a city of balance, fulfillment, and opportunities for future generations. Regarding security, he explained that fighting crime will be one of his priority issues, as he will give more attention to security agencies with help from the Secretariat of Security so that they can fight crime with a humanistic government framework.

In order to create a "model city", Burgueño is looking to put in order issues such as cleaning, signs, correct road structuring, relieving vehicular traffic with proper mobility conditions like bicycle lanes, reiterate the importance of helping people with disabilities, and more. All of this with balance and transparency.

He reiterated his support for local artists and the actions he will carry out to support them such as organizing concerts and activities where they can be heard by citizens so as to promote Tijuana native talent.

Tijuana can be one of the best cities in the world in 2025. There are conditions to do it, but we need to lay the foundations right now.

Ismael Burgueño is looking to be the best mayor in the history of Tijuana, laying the foundations for long-term projects that benefit citizens and carrying out short-term projects that begin and conclude during his term. All of this will be focused on the wellbeing of citizens and their future, transforming the city to one that belongs to the first world.

Learn more about Ismael Burgueño's proposals on his social media pages:

Facebook: Ismael Burgueño
Instagram: @burguenotj
TikTok: @ismaelburgueno

VIDEO: Candidate for the mayor's office, Ismael Burgueño, and his solutions to Tijuana's problems

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