The Temu of Tijuana? Store with items starting at 60 cents is inaugurated

This new shop in a Tijuana mall is surprising people with its low prices and wide variety of products

We know that online shopping has become very common nowadays and there are people who can spend thousands of dollars on several different items. People do this because they can buy clothes, stationery, accessories, toys, and other things with just one click.

There are times, however, when waiting for packages to be delivered can take a long time, and that's why people are selling or opening up their own stores in websites such as Temu, Shein, AliExpress, among others.

The Tijuana Temu?

PANDA is a new shop at Alameda Otay Center located in Rampa Aeropuerto 16000, La Pechuga. This new establishment has several different aisles with anime toys, party items, pet toys, stationery, electronics, makeup, and cosmetics.

In addition, you'll find bottles of the famous brand YETI, keychains, stuffed toys, and many more things. What's interesting about this store is its variety of products and that most items can be found in the aforementioned virtual stores.

You can find items starting at $10 pesos ($.60 cents), and you can buy them at wholesale or retail price. It seems like this will be a new shop in Tijuana that you cannot miss!

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