Marina del Pilar strengthens administration of justice in Baja California by supporting infrastructure

Several areas of FGE will work together with facilities managed by the Secretariat of State Infrastructure

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, led the supervision of the Comprehensive Center for Justice managed by the State's Attorney General Office (FGE) in the city of Tijuana, where she underscored the administration of justice with a humanistic approach and a gender perspective in the state, which dignifies the space where citizens come to make reports to the authorities.

The state governor revealed that this is a building with an area of 2,400 square meters that required an investment of 57 million pesos in several different activities regarding construction and equipment, which were allocated to provide a dignified space to people who are assisted in these facilities, built and refurbished together with the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territory Redesign (SIDURT).

For her part, the head of FGE, Ma Elena Andrade Ramírez, pointed out that in 2023, the construction of this building began with a series of works that included actions to equip every area.

She added that the building will include areas for Drug Trafficking, Unit of Massive Cause Procedures, Agency Specialized in Gender-based Crimes, Agency for Forensic Services, Agency Specialized in Electoral Crimes, Agency Specialized in Teen Crimes, and Culpable Homicide.

Andrade Ramírez added that they are also including a playroom that allows for specialized assistance for children and teenagers who are victims of violence or family violence, which is a fundamental complement for a humanistic justice with social purpose.

It should be noted that, in this unit, people from 436 Tijuana neighborhoods will be assisted with investigation actions regarding several crimes such as threats, damages, breach of trust, fraud, withholding abuse, and animal abuse or cruelty. For this, they have a team of state agents specialized in this area's characteristics.

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