Marina del Pilar strengthens program to benefit the wellbeing of the communities of Baja California

Colonia Infonavit Latinos has the first PILARES center nationwide

The government of Baja California, led by Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, alongside federal institutions, signed the Memo of Understanding, in which it is expected that they contribute with the collaboration and exchange of experiences regarding supporting the implementation of the first PILARES Center in Baja California and the country (without taking into account mayor's offices in Mexico City) in order to contribute to peace.

The memo was signed by Ávila Olmeda, the head of the National DIF System, Nuria Fernández Espresate, and the head of the National Commission of Mental Health and Addictions, Juan Manuel Quijada Gaytan, and it represents a commitment with the exchange of information, experiences, and good practices regarding the application of the PILARES model.

The first PILARES Center nationwide, outside of Mexico City, is operating in Colonia Infonavit Latinos in Tijuana, with an articulate, interdisciplinary, and cross-sectional strategy that consists of five pillars: education, sports, economy, health, and culture and peace, Governor Marina del Pilar said.

Just in 2023, more than 400 children and teenagers participated in the summer course, and in the first few months of 2024, its reach has expanded to benefit 150 children and teenagers, 150 child caretakers, and 30 seniors, the governor said.

The head of the National DIF System, Nuria Fernández Espresate, recognized that the government of Marina del Pilar has these programs as a priority, matching the values that are promoted by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in order to fight violence by addressing its main causes.

"Today, from the community, with the community, and for the community, we are closing the door to crime and inequality to open the door to freedom, rights, wellbeing, and the happiness that our people deserve," Mavis Olmeda stated.

"We are very honored in Mexico City to see that this PILARES community education model is reaching the beautiful state of Baja California. It represents access to a right to education for those who, due to different circumstances, had to abandon school and want to do it again, Javier Ariel Hidalgo Ponce, coordinator of the Subsystem of the Pilares Education Community of Mexico City, said.

Governor Marina del Pilar pointed out that this program will elevate the quality of life of the most vulnerable population and that it will be repeated in 27 centers for the development of families in the state.

Lastly, the state governor pointed out that it is a source of pride that DIF Baja California is the first one to kick off this program in Mexico, outside of the mayor's offices in Mexico City, as it is going to be replicated in each of the 1,300 centers for community development in the entire country.

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