6 bars in Tijuana are closed down due to law infringement

Bars in Tijuana are closed down due to non-compliance of laws

The Municipal Administration of Tijuana, through the Agency of Inspection and Verification, issued the closure of 6 bars due to non-compliance of the Law for the Sale, Storage, and Public Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in Baja California.

The operational deputy director of the Agency of Inspection, Manuel Ángel Purdom Maldonado, explained that since these rules came into effect in Baja California in August 2023, staff of this municipal agency has inspected around 200 bars which has resulted in 9 penalties for establishments involved in this industry.

The official said that these closures were made due to a lack of security guards and/or metal detectors. However, after the fines were paid and these requirements were met, these establishments were reopened.

Among the rules published by the government of Baja California, the models and capabilities of the surveillance cameras installed in bars and night centers are specified, which must also be connected to the Center of Control, Command, Communication, and Computation (C4). Panic buttons must also be installed.

Purdom Maldonado pointed out that during operations in bars and night clubs they are permanently inspecting that all security measures are being followed, that all operation permits are updated, and they also supervise that all of these guidelines are being met.

These are video cameras, metal detectors, either the detection frame or the manual Garret, panic buttons inside and outside of the establishment, plus security guards trained by the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Baja California.

The official said that 8 months ago the municipal government agreed with the state government to train staff of these establishments in Tijuana, due to how hard it was to move them to Tecate or Mexicali to teach them.

That's why, in the next few days, courses to certify security staff in bars and night clubs will begin. This is an action with which the Municipal Administration of Tijuana contributes to in order to comply with this agreement, notifying establishments about the days and times of these courses so that they can subsequently be supervised to make sure that this certification is validated.

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