CONALEP Plantel Tijuana II participates in Development of Water Reuse Mechanisms competition

This competition was carried out successfully

Students at the College of Professional Technical Education of Baja California (CONALEP BC) Tijuana II who are in their 4th semester on the Environment Conservation Career (CCAM) participated in a Development of Water Reuse Mechanisms competition which was organized by the State Commission of Public Utilities of Tijuana (CESPT).

The competition began in August 2023 and will end with an award ceremony on June 13, 2024. Students from several different high schools and universities have participated, and CONALEP students worked on a prototype that has made them finalists.

The prototype made by the young students of the CCAM career was the development of a project called "Recollection and treatment of wastewater", which consists of two united systems.

The first one is a recollection of greases and oils that separate organic matter and greases; subsequently, a separation process of total suspended solids (TSS) occurs with an oxygenation process to separate suspended particles in the water much quicker. These have a flush to recollect the water that completely comes out of this process and then it passes through a biofilter that eliminates impurities.

Students showcased this in front of 5 judges who asked questions about this project, which the students answered successfully.

Participants were Ian Mateo Peralta Valencia, Kevin Javier Ramírez Espinoza, and Roberto Rodríguez Oropeza, who could be the winners of any of the 3 first places given by CESPT.

It should be noted that students chosen by CCAM receive comprehensive education regarding promotion to use alternative energies to reduce environmental pollution. They can apply these techniques to optimally use and manage sweet water and seawater in order to support preservation and conservation, carry out actions to protect and conserve the environment using applicable legislation, among other actions.

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