VIDEO: In the middle of spring! La Rumorosa awakes covered in snow

La Rumorosa is covered in white, offering a spectacular view

Photo by: Lucia Nuñez/ Isabel Flores (Facebook)

During the early morning of Saturday, Baja California experienced heavy rain and snowfall, especially in La Rumorosa which was covered in white, offering a spectacular view.

The wonderful landscape contrasts with the arrival of spring, as cold temperatures continue to reign in the region.

Photograph by: Isabel Flores (Facebook)
Photograph by: Isabel Flores (Facebook)

Will roads at La Rumorosa be open in both directions?

After this snowfall, authorities deployed an operation to ensure travelers' safety. Until 2 AM on Saturday, the Centinela-La Rumorosa highway remained closed, with security staff keeping an eye on the situation.

However, according to the Public Trust for the Administration of Funds and Investments of the Centinela-La Rumorosa Highway (FIARUM), the road is currently open in both directions.

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If you need to travel through this highway, it is important that you take additional precautions and drive extremely carefully to prevent accidents and setbacks.

What is the weather in La Rumorosa on Saturday, April 6?

Regarding weather conditions, the weather today is mostly cloudy, with winds blowing at a speed of 32 km/hour, with gusts of wind reaching 74 km/hour.

Currente temperatures are 7°C, however, due to wind speed and high humidity, thermal sensations could be perceived as much colder.

Maximum temperatures for this Saturday will be 12°C and minimum temperatures will be 1°C.


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