Marina del Pilar presents "Pilares" program to benefit wellbeing of Baja California

This project's goal is to address the needs of priority groups in the state

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, announced the project "Pilares" whose main goal will be to strengthen the social tissue and elevate the quality of life in the state through comprehensive assistance to prioritize the most vulnerable communities.

This was revealed by the governor during her press conference in the municipality of Ensenada, where she also revealed the actions undertaken regarding protection of the environment in order to guarantee the wellbeing of all people.

She explained that the Pilares program is focused on assisting children, teenagers, women who are heads of their families, seniors, people with disabilities, and native people; this program is already active in Tijuana.

"It must be clear that, for my government, people who need it the most are a priority. We work every day so that they can finally receive the assistance that they had been denied for decades in the neoliberal period. Our task and legacy are that all of them live better every day, in an environment that provides all Baja Californians with the security and opportunities that they require and deserve," the state governor said.

For her part, the director for the System of the Comprehensive Development of Families (SDIF), Luz María Ríos Alvarado, revealed that the Pilares program is in process of being implemented in 27 DIF centers in the municipalities of Mexicali, Tijuana, Rosarito, and San Quintin, in order to provide several different services in safe and dignified spaces.

Through a model of community wellbeing that promotes autonomy, education, sports, health, art, and a culture of peace in communities and priority assistance areas, guidance is provided regarding jobs and knowledge. A psychological clinic, courts and recreational areas, medical clinic, dental clinic, and an interactive library are also included, explained Ríos Alvarado.

"We are working through an intervention process that includes, among other things, interinstitutional coordination, focus, diagnosis and assistance and intervention plans, workshops and activities, evaluation, and follow up for each participant," she said.

To carry out the Pilares program, they are allied with the Secretariat of Wellbeing, the Institute of Women, the Secretariat of Health, the Institute of Sports and Physical Culture of Mexicali, the Secretariat of Education, the National Commission of Mental Health and Addictions, the Secretariat of Culture, the International Rotarian Club, and UNICEF.

On the other hand, regarding environmental issues, the representative of Environmental Protection, Omar Durán Contreras, explained that this agency is in charge of verifying the compliance of environmental laws and maintaining permanent coordination with municipal governments and federal institutions like SEMARNAT and PROFEPA.

The essential goal is to ensure that, in the present and future, the state has a healthy environment for everyone, which is why permanent inspection and surveillance regarding environmental norms, since this began operations in January 2024, are carried out.

Durán Contreras explained that some of this agency’s main functions are to address citizen reports, review the compliance of rules, order corrective technical measures to solve irregularities, execute safety measures to control the risk of polluting water, air, land, and natural resources at large, and impose several fines.

In addition, he said that since the beginning of operations, 27 inspections in the whole state were carried out which resulted in 3 suspensions. In addition, a total of 76 citizen reports regarding environmental issues through this institution have been made.

That's why, he invited people to report environmental issues through the online portal, at IMOS facilities in Carretera Libre Tijuana-Tecate, or by calling the number 664 973 0424.

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