At what time will the solar eclipse happen in Tijuana?

On Monday, April 9, a solar eclipse will take place. Learn all about it in the comments.

Space events tend to be unique and it can take years, decades, and even centuries for them to occur again. That's why you may not want to miss the solar eclipse that will happen on Monday, April 8.

This will be seen from Tijuana and San Diego at 10 AM, and its maximum point will occur at 11:11 AM. It should be said that the eclipse will have a visibility of 65% from these areas.

Use special glasses to see the eclipse

This means that the sun will not disappear completely. Still, you have to protect your eyes no matter what. It should be noted that sunglasses are not enough to be able to watch the eclipse.

This means that you must have special glasses with solar filters and ISO 12312-2 requirements.

According to information revealed by astronomers, Mazatlán will be the best place to see this eclipse, which is why tourism activity will increase next week. There will also be excellent weather, as there is a very low chance of rain during this time of the year.

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