Goodbye to a Tijuana classic! Restaurant Ricardo's in Plaza Río closes down

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Tijuana has, without a doubt, classics that hundreds of people can remember and visit, and among them there is the famous Restaurant Ricardo's which currently has several different branches. One of these branches is located in Plaza Río, which according to a recent statement, has closed down its doors.

Ricardo's in Plaza Río closes down starting this Monday

In a statement on the Facebook page of Restaurant Ricardo's, the recent and unexpected closure of the branch located in Plaza Río was announced.

According to information revealed, there had been problems with the administration of Plaza Río which, according to the restaurant's words, "refuses to keep up with the new changes that our city demands" which is why they decided to close down the restaurant starting on Monday, April 1.

The restaurant said:

We sincerely thank our clients, friends, and our work team at our branch in Plaza Río, for their support and preference through these years. We deeply value the trust you put in us.

They ended the message thanking their loyal customers and encouraging them to enjoy their services offered in other branches located in Downtown, Gabilondo, and Playas de Tijuana where they claim they will receive a satisfactory experience and service from the staff of Ricardo's.

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