Storm in Tijuana will begin at this time

This is the exact time in which the storm will begin in Tijuana

During these last few days in Tijuana we have experienced several different seasons of the year in just one day, a very common type of weather in this border city. Despite being in spring, it still feels like winter.

An alert due to intense rain was issued a few days ago by the National Meteorological System and, according to Civil Protection, rain could begin in the early morning of Saturday and intensify as hours go by.

Here we'll tell you how this storm's progress will continue hourly starting on Saturday.

How will this storm progress?

Starting at 5 AM, light showers will begin with a thermal sensation of 13°C. At 6 AM, chances of rain will increase to 70% and, at 8 AM, they will increase to 90% until 3 PM.

Starting at 4 PM, the rain's intensity will decrease, though the cool weather will remain.

On Sunday morning, light showers will occur though intensity won't go beyond a 70% chance.

Pre-alert state declared due to rain forecast

A few days ago, weather systems consulted by Civil Protection revealed that in the next few days, heavy rain could occur which is why the Municipal Administration of Tijuana declared a pre-alert state. In addition, they said that strategies will be implemented to ensure that agents currently working at the pier can be deployed to other areas of the city if it is necessary.

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