Marina del Pilar strengthens security in San Felipe with launch of C5 operations

The C5 has 80 surveillance cameras that will be distributed in 20 different spots in the municipality

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, launched the beginning of operations by the Command, Control, Computing, Communication, and Citizen Contact Center, also known as "C5". This program's goal is to receive and address reports and emergencies from people with greater efficiency.

The state governor pointed out that C5 is a fundamental tool in the fight against crime and to improve citizen security.

Regarding the budget allocated for security, she said that it has been a challenge to obtain state financing while prioritizing security for citizens. However, she highlighted the investment in this area.

"In 2022, approximately 1.5 billion pesos were used for security, including at the Judicial Branch, the State's Attorney General's Office, and the Secretariat of Citizen Security," she explained.

She pointed out that they are working on a proposal to continue the strengthening of security measures, which includes the expansion of C5 in Mexicali and the installation of around 4,000 additional cameras that will be added to municipalities. Private cameras will be added to C5 facilities, which will increase the total to 10,000 in the entire state. It should be noted that 80 of these cameras are already operating in San Felipe.

Governor Marina del Pilar emphasized the importance of investing in the human capital of police institutions, and listed actions such as the improvement of work benefits and the notable 10% increase on direct wages for the police officers of San Felipe, which is the most significant increase among the seven municipalities.

In addition, she thanked the daily work regarding the construction of peace that takes place in police institutions and requested all government staff to carry out their work with dedication to benefit the population.

For his part, the head of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSCBC), Leopoldo Tizoc Aguilar Durán, explained that C5 will be operated from this agency, and receive emergency calls and reports at the 089 number, in order to channel them to the proper authorities. There is space for around 20 operators and it is part of the "Ojo a la Delincuencia" project.

This system will impact the reduction of crime rates and will speed up police reactions, benefiting 3,769,000 inhabitants that will receive assistance from police much quicker.

The beginning of C5 operations had the presence of local authorities and representatives of several different institutions related to public security in the region, among them State Attorney General, Ma Elena Andrade Ramírez; commander of the Military Post in San Felipe, Vicente Javier Mandujano Acevedo; commander of the Naval Sector of San Felipe; Tayantzin Guerrero Mendoza; the head of the Communication Line Station of the National Guard in San Felipe, Martín Bonilla Francisco, and the head of the Foundational Council of San Felipe, Rubén Ruiz Valdez.

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