Storm warning issued for this weekend in Tijuana

Civil Protection warned about a storm for Saturday and Sunday

Rain will continue to hit the region, and according to statements by Civil Protection, forecasts say that showers will come back to Tijuana starting on Saturday, March 30.

In addition, there is a high chance of a storm. This is due to the fact that humidity will come together from the tropics and collide with cold air that comes from the gulf of Alaska.

These rainy conditions will be present until Sunday, March 31 with showers that could reach 1 to 2 inches of water in most of the city. In addition, people should be keeping an eye on statements made by this association, as weather conditions can change suddenly.

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Measures during rain in Tijuana

Some preventive measures revealed by Civil Protection Tijuana in case of rain are:

• Protect children, seniors, and people sensitive to weather changes.
• If leaving home, do it with precaution.
• Avoid crossing streams by car or walking.
• Keep an eye on cables and electrical wiring that could fall.
• If you live in a risk area, report any incident to the emergency hotline or mobile apps.
• Keep an eye on statements and announcements by this agency issued in the following hours.

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