Municipal Administration shows good results in reintegrating homeless people

Reintegrating people with addiction issues to society has been achieved

The Secretariat of Wellbeing has not stopped giving people with addiction issues comprehensive assistance through the Municipal Institute Against Addictions (IMCAD).

José Alegría Gutiérrez is one of the most successful cases of this joint effort between government and civil associations, as after years of requesting support, he finally received what he called a gift.

I lived in the channel for around 20 years. I ate whatever I got from garbage cans. They came, grabbed us, and locked us up. I said to them to give me a chance and then this program by the mayor arrived. My best gift was to see a desk where it said COTRRSA. Best of all is that this is a government that lends you a hand.

After almost 2 years of finishing his addiction treatment, José ended his elementary and secondary school education with joy while receiving addiction treatment at the Therapeutic Community for the Rehabilitation and Reinsertion of Addicts (COTRRSA), where he now works.

Blessed the day and time when Integrando Vidas arrived. With the help I got, I finished elementary and secondary schools. I want to study high school and my dream is to study Law, to be a lawyer.

The Jalisco native, who lives in Tijuana, stated that he was happy to see that, just like him, there were many people with addiction problems that were able to reintegrate into society after receiving therapeutic community treatments from the municipal government, people who now have a dignified job.

The treatment that users receive from communities for men and women is based on a comprehensive program that includes psychological, individual, and family therapy, and it provides counseling by professional staff, specialized in addiction issues and medical backup.

The Secretariat of Wellbeing has managed to gather an important number of specialists and civil associations and coordinate efforts with the private sector in order to give assistance to people with addiction problems and reintegrate them into society.

One of the organizations that joined this program were Enfermeros Tácticos del Bordo A.C., an organization that came to be due to the own experience of its head, Marck Rivera García.

I was also a patient at El Bordo a long time ago. I was also harassed by police, and knowing about this program, led me to become interested in collaborating with Integrando Vidas, and seeing the improvement of people who decide to get treatment, helps me to continue helping them.


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