Snowfall at California's mountains starting on Saturday has been forecasted

Among these mountains there is Laguna Mountain

Snow is one of those weather conditions that many people enjoy, especially those who live where there is no snow and have to travel to see it. However, it is also one of the most dangerous phenomena due to ice in highways and the possibility of getting stuck in the snow, which is why following recommendations by authorities is very important.

Snowfall in California's mountains starting on Saturday has been forecasted

Through a weather forecast, it was revealed that the Laguna Mountain area will have snowfall starting on Saturday afternoon until Sunday, March 24. Around 9 inches of snow have been forecasted.

Through live webcams at Laguna Mountain, one can see that there is no snow in the area yet but this snowfall will bring a white and cold weather to the city, something residents are very used to.

It should be noted that other areas also affected by this snowstorm will be Julian, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, Big Bear, and many more. However, National Weather Service has issued a warning to not visit these areas as the storm will create highly dangerous conditions for travelers, especially if they are not prepared for this type of weather that can cause complications on the road.

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