Mexican American Bar Association praises the work by the municipal government of Tijuana

This is due to their contribution in the search and promotion of legal options

The Mexican American Bar Association (MABA) recognized the Municipal Administration of Tijuana for allowing them to carry out the first legal fair in the border city which offers legal options for citizens.

Representing the mayor, the Senior Official recalled that all voices must be taken into account because that is how the Municipal Administration has worked, providing certainty and pathways for the citizens that ask for it.

The official stated that, as a lawyer in this multicultural border, he has always believed that the backbone of coexistence among individuals and states is based on respect and justice.

That's why, when justice stops being provided and there is no capability to protect citizens this type of professionals, such as the Mexican American Bar Association, appears. This is because they provide free national and international assistance for Mexican citizens.

The Senior Official recognized the work carried out by the women and men who are part of this association because law goes beyond a career, it is a vocation in which every lawyer must do their duty which is to respect the law and make judicial dignity be respected.

Today we are gathered here, women and men who, with great willingness of service and love for their profession, will provide legal assistance to citizens who require it for free, he stated.

This is the first time that this free legal fair is taking place in the border region. The president of MABA in Mexico, José Lucio Jiménez Ramos, highlighted that it is better to look for legal guidance to diminish the chances of economic and emotional repercussions.


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