5 unmissable events that are coming this weekend to Tijuana

Concerts, performances, and an event that gathers more than 400 entrepreneurs, Tijuana welcomes spring with the best activities

The arrival of spring and the city's time change will let you enjoy longer days full of sun, and there is no better way to do so than with the best events with the best atmosphere.

Tijuana has amazing options where you'll be able to experience an incredible weekend while having fun, such as musical, cultural, and recreational activities that you cannot miss. Here are 5 of them:

Emprendedor Fest

Enjoy this event with more than 400 entrepreneurs that will bring you a unique experience with the best products and services of the region.

In the gastronomic area, you'll be able to enjoy a great variety of options such as corndogs, Mexican snacks, tacos, strawberries with cream, jellybeans with chili pepper, boba tea, takoyakis, among other delicious options.

There will be live music and a fun show by the famous Mimo Moy. Remember that Emprendedor Fest is a pet friendly festival for a cause.

At this event, you'll find clothes, jewelry, collectable items, stationery, pet accessories, and much more.

  • Date: Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24
  • Time: 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Place: Terrace at Centro Cultural Tijuana
  • Price: Free admission

Tribute to PXNDX

PXNDX was one of those bands that defined a generation of teenagers in Mexico and it is possible that you have heard at least one of their songs.

If you are a fan of this band, you cannot miss this tribute concert where greatest hits such as “Los Malaventurados no lloran”, “Narcisista por excelencia” and “Solo a terceros” will be performed.

  • Date: Saturday, March 23
  • Time: 8 PM
  • Place: Black Box Tijuana
  • Prices: $200-$350 pesos

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Stand Up Show by Daniel Beltrán

Renowned Mexican comedian Daniel Beltrán is coming to Tijuana with his standup comedy show for a night full of fun and laughs.

This standup comedian is preparing an unmissable show with issues that range from the politically incorrect to daily life.

  • Date: Saturday, March 23
  • Time: 9 PM
  • Place: Antigua Bodega de Papel
  • Price: Admission at $250 pesos

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  • Event for people 18 years of age or older

Dramáticos Anónimos

"Dramáticos Anónimos" is a play with a performance by a support group disguised as a movie studio so that you can become the amateur screenwriter of the situational comedy that is experienced by couples.

Centered in the middle of creation, it is a night where art teaches us a little bit about living. Join this whirlwind of emotions with an experience that promises to transform the way in which we consume and make stories, and maybe, the way we see love.

  • Date: Saturday, March 23
  • Time: 9 PM
  • Place: Antigua Bodega de Papel
  • Price: Admission at $250 pesos
  • Event for people 18 years of age or older

Rock concert with Línea Roja and El Vampiro

Don't miss this electrifying concert with local band Línea Roja, accompanied by rock legend César López "El Vampiro", guitar player of bands such as Maná, Jaguares, and Azul Violeta.

  • Date: Saturday, March 23
  • Time: 9:30 PM
  • Place: Sport Bar Dublin’s
  • Event for people 18 years of age or older

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