Gas prices continue to increase in California

Just in San Diego County, average gas price is almost $5 dollars per gallon

Drivers in San Diego are used to constant increases in gas prices, however, in these last few weeks they have significantly skyrocketed.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), gas prices in San Diego County are at their highest since December with an average increase of 12 cents. The average price has increased for 4 consecutive days

Gas analysts have said that this recent increase is due to several factors including maintenance problems in California refineries that have made supplying difficult. AAA also said that it is because a lot of people go on trips during Spring Break, which is why there is an increase in demand.

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These high prices not only harm San Diegans who drive every day, but they are also a threat to small businesses that depend on vehicles to trade and transport.

It should be noted that, today, the average gas price in San Diego County is $4.94 dollars.

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