Best tips to save money at Disneyland California: cheaper tickets and least crowded days

Enjoy your visit to this theme park to the fullest

Visiting Disneyland California is every child and adult's dream. However, it may not be so great when it is time to pay, as tickets, souvenirs, and lodging are quite expensive.

Best tips to save money at Disneyland California: cheaper tickets and least crowded days

Currently, tickets to visit this park are over $150 dollars, which means that a visit by a family of 4 could cost more than $600 dollars. That's why it is a good idea to take offers such as California resident discounts or purchase your tickets through authorized websites.

To save money at Disneyland, don't forget the following tips:

  • Bring your own food
  • Rent an AirBnB or a nearby hotel (as the prices in the resort can be quite high especially during the vacation period)
  • Purchase fan made souvenirs or from stores near the park to get cheaper prices
  • Visit the park on the cheapest days (on weekdays or before the last months of the year)

It should be noted that waiting lines are one of the factors that many people want to avoid when visiting the park, which causes them to not enjoy their stay. This is why it is a good idea to attend on the days that, on average, the number of visitors is considerably lower, for example:

  • From early January to mid-February
  • From the day after President's Day to Spring Break (mid-March)
  • From mid-April to Memorial Day Weekend (end of May)
  • From after Labor Day to early October
  • The 2nd week of November (after Halloween and before Thanksgiving Week)
  • Working days are less crowded than weekends, especially from Monday to Thursday.
  • Regarding weekends, Sundays tend to be less crowded than Saturdays. Normal weekends are also less crowded than weekends with holidays.

For example, if you are going in March, it is recommended that you go on what remains of this week and the last weekends. However, these are the days you shouldn't visit:

  • From March 25 to March 28
  • The first 4 days of April

In the end, what is most important is that you and your family enjoy this magical place and, if you can do it by saving a little bit of money, it can be a great relief.

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