Mayor Montserrat Caballero welcomes presentation of Tijuana Innovadora 2024

A proposal of the new edition of this amazing and classic event has been presented

Businessman José Galicot presented to mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez the initiative "Tijuana Innovadora 2024: Reimaginando Tijuana", with which they are looking to link citizens with the development of projects that boost the development of the border city.

Through group Motor, represented by a strategic group of different industries and work areas, they told the mayor that they are looking for areas of opportunity to find improvement projects that contribute to sustainable development from citizen participation.

This group of people, who periodically meet, will organize a workshop on April 27, May, June, and July 13 through Citizen Design Thinking methodology that helps the private industry to migrate towards new sustainable models.

During this project's exhibition, the mayor highlighted the participation of the Municipal Administration of Tijuana with different industries, as well as the private industry and citizens all working together, and as proof of this she spoke about the creation of Parque del Cerro de las Abejas.

"The mayor stated that we must talk about what is positive and what we can achieve together as a society and more for people who love Tijuana, because there still are," she said.

At the conference scheduled at Baja Center for October 16 and October 17, talks with internationally renowned figures are expected. Although they haven't been confirmed, some of these speakers are Elon Musk, Founder and CEO of Space X, CEO of Tesla, and CTO of X Corp; Michelle Obama, author, activities, lawyer, and former first Lady of the United States, and Jeff Bezos, founder and former CEO of Amazon.

This project's foundation is based on the iconic Pavilion Expo of the Industry with Expo Industria Maquiladora TI2024, that is coming with full force as there will be tours where leading companies of the region can show off their strengths, promote commercial B2B alliances, and create pride and a sense of belonging among citizens.

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