More fun! Disneyland California could expand park with more attractions

If it is approved, it could be the biggest change in the park since 1990

One of the main advantages of living in the US-Mexico border with California is the proximity with popular and wonderful places such as Disneyland, where both children and adults have a lot of fun meeting their classic characters and immersing themselves in the worlds of their favorite movies.

More fun! Disneyland California could expand park with more attractions

Disneyland California created a proposal where it is looking to expand its Anaheim facilities. If it is approved, it would take approximately 4 decades as it is important to note that new state-of-the-art technology attractions take a while.

The park's expansion would take place in an area that is currently a Disneyland parking lot, which would be used for new attractions and entertainment areas.

If it is carried out, the 20-hectare parking lot would be modified and moved to a structure with several stories, within the limits of the facilities without affecting homes around the park. Both Frozen and Zootopia worlds could be some of the possible attractions that could be built.

This could be the first time that Disney significantly changes its classic California park since 1990, when the park was approved to be changed to a tourism destination and Disneyland California Adventure and the Downtown Disney shopping area were added.

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The plan would require an investment of dozens of millions of dollars not just for the park, but nearby streets, affordable homes, and other types of infrastructure in the city. All of these issues are being addressed with neighbors in the area through Q&A workshops.

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